VNX Platform

VNX Gold Liquidity Pools

At users can get more out of VNX Gold than they would by simply holding it in their wallet.
Users can earn VNXLU and trading fees from decentralized exchanges by providing liquidity to liquidity pools with VNX Gold.

How it works?

1. Connect your Wallet
Connect your wallet clicking by “Connect wallet.”
If you don’t have a wallet yet you can easily create one with Metamask, for example, by downloading it from the official website and following the setup instructions.
2. Select DEX and pool
Click on the Pools tab on the VNX Liquidity Mining webpage.
Each liquidity pool is a group of funds deposited into a smart contract by liquidity providers (LP). LPs are rewarded with a percentage of the fees and incentives, equivalent to the amount of liquidity they supplied, called liquidity provider tokens (LPTs).
Clicking on the Pools tab will reveal a list of available liquidity pools with VNX Gold tokens on different Decentralized Exchanges.
3. Add liquidity to the pools to get LP-tokens
To provide liquidity to the pool you should have both tokens from the pair approximately the same value in your wallet. If you don’t have them yet you may buy them on the VNX Platform or the external exchange.
Example: Deposit a 50/50 split of VNXAU and WBTC to the VNXAU-WBTC liquidity pool. In this case, you would deposit $1,000 worth of VNXAU and $1,000 worth of WBTC.
By clicking “Add liquidity” on the Pools tab, you’ll be redirected to the selected DEX to provide liquidity to the pool and receive LP tokens.
4. Stake LP-tokens to earn VNXLU
After adding tokens to the Liquidity pool you can stake LP-tokens to start earning VNXLU.
Go back to the “Stake” tab on the VNX Liquidity page and click “Stake” to put LP-tokens in staking and start earning VNXLU.
Example: You can receive VNXAU-WBTC LP tokens and deposit LPTs to the VNXAU-WBTC staking pool.
5. Claim your rewards
Get your VNXLU token as a reward by clicking “Claim” on the “My dashboard” tab. You can get your LP tokens back by clicking “Unstake & Withdraw” on the “Stake” tab.