VNX Platform

VNX Gold

The investment landscape is changing; the increasingly rapid development of information technology and transition of the economy to the virtual space have opened up new opportunities for digital investment solutions. VNX is offering our clients an exciting new form of investment in precious metals – the purchase of digital assets (tokens) which certify a title to a precious metal. The algorithm for this investment is simple: a client buys precious metal (for example, gold) and in turn they receive a digital token (instead of a paper certificate) which is "recorded" on the blockchain. The token can be exchanged for real gold at any time – it can be invested, sold, pledged, or used otherwise. Each token is unique and confirms the owner's right to a specific amount of gold from a specific numbered gold bar. The gold itself complies with the LBMA investment standards, is purchased from the professional dealers in precious metals on behalf of the client, and deposited in a specialised gold bullion storage facility.
VNX Commodities AG (Liechtenstein) is an authorised organisation operating under the supervision of Liechtenstein's financial regulator, the Financial Market Authority of Liechtenstein (FMA).