VNX Platform
VNXLU token

πŸ“„ Executive Summary

The VNX token (VNXLU) is the backbone of the VNX Platform.
The VNX token was issued as a platform utility token.
Total supply of VNXLU tokens: 80,000,000.
A total of about 7.5% of tokens were sold during the private tokensale.
Right now, VNXLU tokens can be used to pay fees for issuing and redeeming VNX Gold on the VNX Platform and are accepted at the market price or 0.25 Euro (if the market price is lower).

πŸ’± Traded at

You can buy VNXLU tokens on the following crypto exchanges: ​Hotbit, ​GOPAX, and ​Uniswap.

Upcoming Features

Treasury and stacking contracts will be launched soon. Up to 50% of the income of the platform's decentralised services will be allocated to the Treasury.
Treasury assets are invested to provide liquidity to DEX pools with tokens issued by VNX, such as VNX Gold.
The percentage of income going into the Treasury depends on how many VNX tokens out of those issued are in the stacking .
The user can burn tokens and receive a proportionate share of assets from the Treasury with vesting.
Token stacking provides users with:
  • rights in our voting;
  • discounts and rebates on the platform;
  • launchpad allocation guarantee.

Distribution of income to the Treasury

πŸ—Ί Token Features Roadmap

Token Distribution