VNX Platform
VNX Earn (coming soon)
Of all the advantages of DeFi, perhaps the most attractive is the risk-return ratio. The fundamental reason for such a favourable ratio is the absence of intermediaries and unnecessary costs thanks to automation. Project liquidity mining programmes play a vital hand in this, when a user of financial products essentially becomes a participant in various DAOs through obtaining governance tokens that have real value.
We took the best of DeFi and simplified the entire process for all levels of investors, from beginners to seasoned pros. VNX Earn will offer investors the following:
  • Providing liquidity in DEX pools;
  • Stacking;
  • Lending assets;
  • Borrowing assets.
And various combinations of these strategies using leverage and various dApps, as well as other strategies.
The platform will offer users access to the most interesting and reliable dApps in various chains through autocompounders. Each autocompounder has a pool of funds with an associated strategy for maximising returns in the asset in the pool. Autocompounders search for the highest yield and maximise the returns. This can involve supplying collateral and borrowing other assets such as stablecoins, providing liquidity, collecting trading fees, or farming other tokens and selling them. Each autocompounder follows a strategy that is voted in by the VNX community. Autocompounders come with different risk and profitability ratios: from low risk (when the underlying assets is deposited on lending platforms or DEX pools with the highest yield for each specific day and the governance tokens received are sold to increase the underlying asset of the pool) to high risk (when assets are also deposited on lending platforms or DEX’s pools with high yield, and LP tokens are used as collateral to increase liquidity and open other farming positions). Autocompounders specialising in providing concentrated liquidity to DEX pools will also be available, maintaining a narrow range of liquidity to maximise profitability.
One of the important rules of VNX Autocompounders is that users always withdraw the same asset that was initially deposited. So farmed tokens and accrued fees are sold for the main asset in the pool. The amount that is withdrawn is the initial amount that was deposited, plus the earned pool yield, minus the fees.
Yield farming can be a time-consuming and expensive activity, so if users are not willing to spend hours searching for the best yield farming opportunity, spend hundreds of dollars in gas fees to move funds around and keep monitoring the collateralisation ratio, Autocompounders are a brilliant option.
The platform will also offer users a native interface for lending and borrowing assets through the largest lending protocols in different chains. This will allow users to effectively manage their capital, as well as use the possibilities of arbitrage between interest rates in different chains.
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